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Free strategy calculator for Blackjack

Las Vegas, 17 June, 2008- A Free casino 21 Blackjack strategy calculator is now available to help the players avoiding the mistakes while playing the game at the Blackjack table.

Due to the high demand of such free calculator the Blackjack radar has released a free calculator for the online blackjack casino game.

It has been indicated by the statistical data that the players make some major mistakes in the calculation of the Blackjack 21 game odds and in choosing various moves. In order to avoid these mistakes such basic and advanced strategies are calculated by the calculator.

Greg Wagner, Director of Blackjack Radar says “Many casinos black jack player do not want automated blackjack calculators recommendations- but the large amount of real money lost and the bad decisions taken while playing, is far greater a concern”.

It is a great help for the people who want to enjoy free learning of Blackjack online and want to learn various strategies depicted in the calculator and improve their chances of winning. It actually shows the players how to win the game after implementing the strategies depicted by the calculator.

This free product adapts to the style of individual player. It also supports the rules which are used in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. This advisor product is regularly updated with all new strategies and winning systems, techniques and methods.