Blackjack and its origin

It is thought that the game of Blackjack was first played in France in 17th century where it was first called as vingt-et-un which means twenty one.

And with years moving forward it kept on growing and becoming popular day by day. Mostly the game of Blackjack has been popular in Atlantic City, Las Vegas and other centre of gambling around the world. After the introduction of slot machines the blackjack is considered as the most popular recreational gambling.

Nowadays many of the small children are also inclined to learn to play Blackjack at home with their friends for candy to gamble with.

It is one of the most recognizable games which is offered to the world at various casinos and also one can play and have fun sitting at home in their computers online. Some find it very confusing when the rules are first introduced to them but later on when once they are familiar with the game they get addicted to it.

So in order to experience this game one should try to find good sites and try to play it for free for first few times and then can enjoy the winnings later after knowing all the rules, tips and strategies of the game.