Alderney Commission given a associate certificate to Game Account for games like Blackjack

3rd June, 2008- An associate certificate has been given to Game Account which is a software supplier and developer of the governed online gaming industry by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

These operators who are given the license for the Gambling Control Commission will be able to choose to join the Game Account Network, and in this way they will also be allowed to give the option to play various games available like Multiplayer Blackjack and others to their customers.

The head to head games of the Game Account has also arranged the option of multiple table events with the head to head games and also some side games which can be enjoyed to take full advantage of spare time before and after the multiple table events.

Blue Square which is Rank’s interactive gambling business is about to make a debut the Game Acoount’s portfolio of games in the coming weeks. And also it has become the 3rd licensee eGaming company in this year to unite with the esteemed network of Game Account.

Boyle Sports, William Hill, Paddy Power, Sporting bet etc are counted as some of the members of Game Account. The Chief Operating Officer of Game Account, Dermot Smurfit, said that they are happy to receive the Associate Certificate. He added that they now have technically compatible software with most white listed jurisdictions in Europe. In the coming weeks they are also planning to release the Poker Dice and Dominoes.

Blackjack and its origin

It is thought that the game of Blackjack was first played in France in 17th century where it was first called as vingt-et-un which means twenty one.

And with years moving forward it kept on growing and becoming popular day by day. Mostly the game of Blackjack has been popular in Atlantic City, Las Vegas and other centre of gambling around the world. After the introduction of slot machines the blackjack is considered as the most popular recreational gambling.

Nowadays many of the small children are also inclined to learn to play Blackjack at home with their friends for candy to gamble with.

It is one of the most recognizable games which is offered to the world at various casinos and also one can play and have fun sitting at home in their computers online. Some find it very confusing when the rules are first introduced to them but later on when once they are familiar with the game they get addicted to it.

So in order to experience this game one should try to find good sites and try to play it for free for first few times and then can enjoy the winnings later after knowing all the rules, tips and strategies of the game.

Free strategy calculator for Blackjack

Las Vegas, 17 June, 2008- A Free casino 21 Blackjack strategy calculator is now available to help the players avoiding the mistakes while playing the game at the Blackjack table.

Due to the high demand of such free calculator the Blackjack radar has released a free calculator for the online blackjack casino game.

It has been indicated by the statistical data that the players make some major mistakes in the calculation of the Blackjack 21 game odds and in choosing various moves. In order to avoid these mistakes such basic and advanced strategies are calculated by the calculator.

Greg Wagner, Director of Blackjack Radar says “Many casinos black jack player do not want automated blackjack calculators recommendations- but the large amount of real money lost and the bad decisions taken while playing, is far greater a concern”.

It is a great help for the people who want to enjoy free learning of Blackjack online and want to learn various strategies depicted in the calculator and improve their chances of winning. It actually shows the players how to win the game after implementing the strategies depicted by the calculator.

This free product adapts to the style of individual player. It also supports the rules which are used in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. This advisor product is regularly updated with all new strategies and winning systems, techniques and methods.

Gambling case hearing

Marietta- The Supreme court of Georgia will hear the operation of various machines of video games in Cobb constitute for illegal gambling today.

This case includes the operation in different location in the county for 13 machines of video games like Peachy Queen and Nuggets of Gold. These were put to hold in the year 2002 and 2003 by the governing authorities as it was considered the illegal gambling machines.

It was complained by the parents of the children to the Cobb District of Attorney that their children were spending all their money on playing the games in the machine.

It was in the year 2001 that Georgia has declared the games of chance like Blackjack, Poker, Keno or any other card games as illegal and asked that all these machines should be removed till 1st of July, 2002. To this the owner of such businesses argued that these machines were not illegal.

According to the State law any of the slot machines can be considered as illegal and the coin operated games are allowed till these machines offer free replays and the points and tokens which can be exchanged for non-cash rewards which is worth not more than 5 USD.

But later in the year 2006 the Cobb Superior court judge James Bodiford passed 77 pages order and said that four machines out of 13 to be illegal and rest as legal. To this the District of Attorney office appealed for this decision of the Bodiford to state Court of Appeals wherein they said that all the machines were illegal.